Sheath Testing and fault location system – MFM 10

Sheath Testing and fault location system – MFM 10

The intuitive, menu supported operator guidance of the MFM 10 work with the approved SebaKMT Easy-Go principle. The fully automatic measurement and evaluation of the measured data gives the operator a fast, easy and reliable tool to test the sheath of cables, and to perform a pre-location and pinpointing of detected faults. The bipolar pre-location supports the detection of galvanic and thermoelectric influences and increases the pre-location accuracy and quality.

Key benefits:

  • Test Voltage up to ±10 kV DC
  • Up to 750 mA continuous current, also suitable for burning
  • Adjustable current limiter
  • Bipolar measurement for highest accuracy
  • Only one single removable HV connection cable
  • Easy-Go operation via jogdial and touch screen
  • Automatic measurement and protocolling
  • Compact Cable Fault Location Systems

Compact Cable Fault Location Systems

The SYSCOMPACT series is a multi-functional cable fault location system in a modular 19” plug-in design. The surge and test generator is designed for testing of cables and cable sheaths and for the precise location of high-resistance and intermittent faults. The SYSCOMPACT 2000 is used preferably in low and medium voltage networks for locating faults on cables up to 65 km in length.

The integration of established fault pre-location methods SIM-MIM and Impulse Current Method enables the precise location of high and low-resistance as well as intermittent faults using the IRG 2000 echo meter.

Test methods

  • Impulse Reflection Methods
  • Secondary Impulse Method / Multiple Impulse Method (SIM-MIM)
  • SIM-MIM with DC (SIM DC)
  • Impulse Current Method

Burn Down Transformer

The burn down transformer ATG Series is used to decrease the impedance of cable faults in medium and low voltage cable networks. The short circuit proof transformer provides a maximum voltage of 10 kV (ATG 2) or 15kV (ATG 6000) and is enclosed in a fully encapsulated 19“ housing. Additionally in each step voltage and current can be limited separately via potentiometer.

  • Models with output voltage up to 10 kV DC
  • Maximum power consumption 2.2 kVA
  • Optimized output voltage ranges
  • Electronic control of voltage and current

Digiphone – receiver for combined acoustic and electromagnetic pinpoint location

The Digiphone works according to the principle of the coincidence or difference method. It automatically measures the time difference between the electromagnetic signal of the surge voltage and the acoustic bang of the arc flashover.

The Digiphone operates like a stopwatch. The electromagnetic pulse starts a counter and the much slower propagating sound stops the counter afterward. The displayed time, or the time difference between the sound and the magnetic pulse, corresponds to the distance to the fault. The shorter the time, the closer you are to the fault. The display shows the difference in time as a numerical value, while a bar graph shows the electromagnetic field strength. The field strength display also acts as a locating facility of the cable position. The bar graph display is broken down into individual segments to permit a very accurate definition of where the cable is running. As long as you keep your bearings on this maximum, your longitudinal axis is already exactly on top of the cable. As a result, the position over the cable is so precise that you almost cannot miss the fault, even when faults are very difficult to hear.

This location principle also works for secondary noises and is particularly useful in situations where cables are installed in protective ducts or under solid road surfaces (concrete, asphalt, etc).

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