Our VLF testing service includes underground and sub-sea cabling.

Very low frequencies are used during VLF testing in order to maintain AC cable. VLF testing uses equipment which is smaller and more convenient than AC testing apparatus whilst matching the power output of a 50Hz mains device. As such, VLF testing is suitable for longer cables. As VF testing equipment is small and yet generates high power, it resolves the issue of transmission loss when testing on long sections of cable.

VLF testing is the perfect solution for working within various power frequencies and so is ideal for power supplies to the likes of aircraft and railways. Our VLF testing service includes underground and sub-sea cabling. Having VLF testing equipment available to us refutes the requirement for on-site generators, large transformers, or for supplies of the generating company to be used to power items during the testing phase.

At HV3 our VLF testing services are carried out by highly experienced & qualified engineers, using the latest test equipment available, carried on board of our dedicated HV 3 Vehicles.

HV3 test Medium and High voltage cables using the HVA90 /94 B2 systems, which is an outstanding cable test system of its class.

The HVA90 / 94 offers:

  • Cable testing
  • Cable sheath/ jacket testing
  • Sheath fault location
  • Vacuum bottle test

The following features make the B2 HVA94 cable tester the outstanding cable test system of its class:

  • Predefined standard-compliant cable test sequences
  • Symmetrical sine wave high voltage
  • RMS measurement of output voltage and current
  • Measurement of capacitive and resistive load
  • Automatic and load dependent frequency selection (0.01 Hz – 0.1 Hz)
  • Display of current test time
  • Integrated real-time scope function
  • Self-explanatory, multilingual software
  • Automatic measurement reporting
  • Report storage via RS232 (USB optional)
  • PC software (HVA Control Center) for data analysis and storage
  • Flashover detection and ultra-fast switch off
  • Flashover voltage measurement
  • Time optimized burning mode
  • No regular maintenance required

Hv3’s capability and expertise to undertake VLF testing ensures we can offer our clients a comprehensive range of services.