Partial discharge testing locates weakness and imperfection in MV and HV cables.

Hv3 are established leaders in the field of diagnostic off-line partial discharge testing of out of-service MV and HV cables and offer the following service for off-line commissioning and maintenance testing.

Hv3 utilise portable, Very Low Frequency (VLF) HV power supplies combined with the the B2 90 Partial Discharge (PD) and Tan Delta (TD) diagnostic measurement modules.

The aim of partial discharge testing is to indicate localised points of weakness and insulation imperfections in MV and HV cables.

Benefits of VLF PD Testing and Mapping & TD Diagnostic Testing:

  • Partial Discharge (PD) Testing with (PD) partial discharge mapping shows the cable defects and their location rather than just the simple pass/fail result that is obtained from normal VLF voltage withstand testing.
  • Tan Delta (TD) testing indicates degradation of the insulation, by measuring changes in the loss angle of the cable.
  • By combining the PD and TD diagnostic testing a much better and more accurate decision can be made on the condition and future service life of the cable.

Hv3 use the most outstanding systems of their class, the PD90-2 and the PD90-2/TD. The PD test is documented in the form of a ready-to-use report containing all the relevant results.

  • Calibration Pulse (in accordance with IEC 60270) and end detection.
  • Background noise of the measurement arrangement.
  • Partial discharges inception voltage (PDIV)
  • Partial discharges level at 1.7 Voltage

At Hv3, our philosophy does not stop at supplying a competitively priced service we aim to provide value for money and in order to do this we are committed to nothing but the highest quality. As part of providing a high quality service we ensure we provide a rapid response to all queries, using only top of the range equipment and that only highly qualified engineers are available at all times, this is to ensure our clients corporate image is never called into question.