Better OTDR technology to maintain fiber network performance.

As enterprise networks and data centre architectures evolve, IT infrastructure administrators demand better OTDR technology to maintain fiber network performance.

OTDR’s designed for Telco networks are no longer acceptable, here at Hv3 we use top of the range equipment and our dedicated HV Test Vehicle includes the Anritsu 9083 & the Fluke OptiFiber Pro amongst its sophisticated inventory.

The Optifiber pro will:

  • Accelerate certification with trace times as short as two seconds in quick test mode.

The Anritsu 9083 can:

  • Test ultra long haul fiber spans (>200Km) quickly and with minimal averaging.

These hand held OTDR’s are designed for in- field use, using battery power. They are used to measure fiber links and locate fiber breaks, points of high loss, and points of high reflectance, link end-to-end loss and Optical Return Loss (ORL) for the link.

At Hv3,our philosophy does not stop at supplying a competitively priced service we aim to provide value for money and in order to do this we are committed to nothing but the highest quality. As part of providing a high quality service we ensure we provide a rapid response to all queries, using only top of the range equipment and that only highly qualified engineers are available at all times this is to ensure our client’s corporate image is never called into question.