PDTD120-2 Partial Discharge and Tan Delta Diagnostics System

PDTD120-2 Partial Discharge and Tan Delta Diagnostics System

  • Simultaneous measurement of PD and TD
  • Software incl. Database
  • Portable

The b2 electronic GmbH PDTD120-2 Partial Discharge (PD) and Tan Delta (TD) diagnotics system for diagnosis of medium voltage cables, rotating machinery and transformers.

  • Partial Discharge diagnostics (PD)

    The Partial Discharge diagnostics on medium and high voltage cable offers the possibility of early detection of vulnerabilities through a precise localization of PD faults in cables and their connections (joints and terminations), often caused by mechanical damage or a faulty installation process.

  • Tan Delta diagnostics (TD)

    The Tan Delta diagnostics (TD) allows a statement about the overall dielectric condition of cables. A deterioration or damage by so-called water trees in XLPE/PE/XLPE cables can be easily detected. Water Trees cannot be identified or measured with a sole partial discharge measurement.

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