Maintaining your Solar PV system is vital to optimal performance and maximum energy production.

Solar energy systems we install are designed to last at least 25 years, and have the advantage of using products supplied by reputable manufacturers. Remote system monitoring and regular maintenance visits will insure against potential losses in performance and protect your solar investment and financial return.

If you have already invested in a solar system we at HV3 can protect your investment by ensuring faults are quickly identified and resolved, maximising your returns.

Our maintenance packages for commercial sized systems are available to existing HV3 customers and to those that have had their system installed by other companies. Inquire now and make sure your solar PV system is safe and working efficiently. Have peace of mind that if anything should go wrong we are only a phone call away.

Annual Solar Maintenance plan

Solar PV systems are very reliable, but like most technologies, they still need to be maintained to ensure maximum output efficiency.

Enquire for an annual maintenance plan including an inspection visit every year and ensure your system is safe, clean and producing its maximum potential generation.

Our annual health check includes:

  • Visual inspection of system
  • Ventilation space under panels is not obstructed
  • PV module string tests
  • Isolation resistance checks
  • Generation power output check
  • Inverter system checks & error log messages
  • Junction box, isolator, distribution board and cabling inspection
  • Meter check & comparison to previous year
  • Labelling/schematic check
  • Transformer inspection
  • Switchgear inspection
  • Protection relay checks
  • Earthing continuity checks

You will receive a maintenance report after the health check, together with any recommendations. If repair work is required, we will be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for the work to bring your system back to full health.