Cable Fault Locator Services in the UK

HV3 is fast becoming the industry gold standard for fast and reliable HV and LV cable fault finding and testing services in the UK.  Can you afford not to employ the best cable fault detectors?

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with real ‘value for money’ and in order to achieve this we are fully committed to providing an unequalled quality of service from the very first contact with our company. From partial discharge testing and VLF testing through to VLF Tan Delta Testing, we are committed to a rapid response level of service, from initial enquiry through delivery of the product.

Underpinning the ‘Quality’ of our service is our range of first-class cable fault locator and testing equipment operated by highly qualified, and experienced, engineers.  With this combination of top of the range equipment and first-class engineers we can guarantee our clients’ own quality product, service and customer facing image is unquestionably the best.

High voltage (HV) cable fault finder services

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast and efficient fault locator service when it counts, saving you time and money. All of our engineers and vehicles are fully equipped with the latest HV cable fault detector and test equipment to deal with almost any situation. We undertake partial discharge testing, VLF testing and TLF tan data testing across the UK and overseas.

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HV & LV Cable Fault Finding UK

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Problems solved so far this year

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